Unique Sculptures in Greywacky Beach Pebbles.

An aesthetically valued material doesn’t always have dictate an artists selection to represent an intriguing, example of creative, sculptural form. All manner of materials are available to the discerning. Such basic, home ingredients as flour, water and yesterday’s discarded newspapers are the basis of paper mache from which incredible, unique sculptures may be created. A multitude of alternative media surround us and are also freely available, even the humble stone picked up off a beach or river bed can become an item of intrigue and mystery.

With patience and a little imagination the stone itself suggests the unique form within. The revealed “Explorer” above is such as the stone dictated. Some six inches in length and a ‘found object’ picked up during a leisurely, afternoon stroll along a local beach. Eye catching, glowing on the wet sand, not far below the high water mark. Nothing other than a common water worn, greywacke pebble. Composed of dust settled eons ago, subsequently compressed and baked in geologic upheavals, creating a metamorphosed substance harder than steel.

Another found pebble, almost perfectly circular, is sensitively carved to show the enigmatic 'Moonchild' hidden below the surface. Now partially concealed behind a sterling silver mask, increasing the sense of fascination and mystery!

An essence of life emanating from clearly defined features skillfully carved into the hard stone.

Another of Donn's unique sculptures capturing a benign intelligence gazing deep into the observer.