Creative Sculpture of Visions in Stone & Ivory

The powerful, creative images shown here are perfect illustrations of found objects, lovingly, hand carved and meticulously detailed. Revealing the unique vision an aware individual sees within these wonderful gifts of the earth. Original works of art are ‘seen’ with the inner eye. Magic is evident when the natural flow offered by this rich bounty from nature is followed in harmony with the inner being. Creative inspiration is an essential component in any visionaries’ existence….. Whether it be of the arts or as a charismatic leader of multitudes or the science lab where inventions evolve to affect mankind.
Few people are able to consciously exist in a state of constant awareness, 24 / 7.
Flashes of required knowledge and experience are available to all who would exercise the option and courage to explore inner realms. Discover the underlying peace which is deep within all of us; cultivate the ability to freely access our inherent harmony and the abundant material for creating original art is miraculously manifest.

Conflicting inner turmoil is the greatest prohibiting factor preventing the recognition of our creative energies and intimate self knowledge. Meditation has long been advocated as an ideal method by which one can quickly develop ready access to subconscious realms to achieve inner peace and harmony thus assisting the release of creative currents.

The original form of this hand sized, humble, greywacke beach pebble is retained with minimal material carefully removed to reveal the peaceful “Dreamer”, embodied under the deceptive weather worn outer surface. With this original sculpture, suggested by the stone itself, Donn has admirably captured the subtleties of inner tranquility that, unfortunately, few allow themselves to experience.

Any appreciation for a sense of calm evoked by 'Dreamer' is purely a reflection of the observer recognising self.

Who could not help but be drawn to the innocent charm of this image portraying both sides of a wonderfully exotic, ivory netsuke.
Owen has masterfully rendered a beautiful, erotic quality in this captivating interpretation of the classic form honoring the "Venus" goddess.
Expertly sculptured from the recovered tip of a Sperm whale's tooth. Gifted during a recreational meadering along an isolated Northland beach.
Solitude and chosen isolation for the interim of visited beach envioronments assist those underlying energies to attract the bounty by which creative souls are offered the opportunity to enrich others lives with their individual vision.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Owen have a web site for his wonderful work?

11:38 PM, July 06, 2007  
Blogger Donn said...

Yes..... Owen and his wife have just put up a preliminary site illustrating their works. Not yet complete but showing a comprehensive collection of their art.


Enjoy. Donn

1:35 PM, July 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While the rendering is beautiful, the depicting of the female form...headless, legless, and armless is absolutely disempowering. I think it's a shame that male and female artists depict female forms this way. The Venuses are meant to honor women and there mysteries, not truncate them literally and metaphorically.

11:12 PM, April 15, 2008  

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