Unique Sculptured Jade

Fine grained, greywacke, beach worn pebbles are a much under valued resource as an acceptable hard stone medium for fine, unique sculptures. The stone is abundant in all parts of the world as it forms a large percentage of the earth’s surface. A hike in the hills on a fine, sunny day can be an exhilarating, rewarding experience at the best of times and even richer when a gift of the Earth becomes apparent. An unusual stone stands out from the others surrounding it, a piece of fallen, decaying, wood perhaps has an eye capturing form, or maybe a bone fragment triggers the imagination to ‘see’ some fantastic possibility. The immense stimulation of our everyday, minute to minute, experiences abound in potential to the observer. An unusual flower, the curled form of an autumn’s fallen leaf, a shell no longer required by it’s original occupant, even the paint peeling off an old hoarding, all may trigger an inner recognition of potential.

Ariel (1996) below is an 8” x 8” unique sculpture, a creative art piece hand carved from a well worn beach cobble of particularly hard, metamorphosed greywacke. The soft sheen glowing off the dressed surface is typical of a hard, fine grained stone. When wading in rivers and walking beaches the ‘hard stones’ will always stand out, beckoning to be picked up. Being harder they will wear with natural abrasion to show a finer, almost glossed surface and the absence of flaws or cracks indicate a specimen worthy of greater attention.

The jade sculpture below is unique in the arm penetrating through the body of the design itself. Stimulated from the weather bleached, pelvic structure of a long deceased opossum. The subtle treasure offered after a peaceful day’s meditation in the folds of hills covered with rich native flora. 1975