Creative Jade Art

Jade Art is no longer a domain of the Chinese alone. Sculptured jade is an art form gaining recognition from numerous sources around the world. New Zealand jade has enjoyed a global reputation since first being entered into the ship’s log by Captain James Cook as a ‘greenstone’ highly prized by the natives of the country.
Even with the jade consciousness of New Zealand there is very little in the way of creative jade art being produced in the country today. Mindless, repetitive hooks and curls, twists and twirls have so saturated the market creative jade art is difficult to find. Those very few capable of carving jade into viable, creative art forms shy away from the commercialization of this resource.

Diminished is the 'Mana' once assocciated with the wearing or possessing of jade art. Fortunately a realization the integrity of the stone cares little about mans' endevours for gain and appreciation for the occasional treasure offered is always found.
Illustrated here is a rare ‘blue’ jade from Jade Cove, California, titled “Blue Tendril”
A unique jade recovered from the sea at no small risk to life and limb.