Unique Sculptured Jade from Canada

These unique sculptures are exquisite examples of the skill with which Deborah Wilson, exercises with jade recovered from her native, British Columbian deposits. Deborah is one of the very few prominent jade sculptors of British Columbia who continues sculpting creative art works from B.C. jade.
The exquisite jade sculptures capturing the delicate curve of these two shell forms well illustrate the sympathy she portrays toward her chosen subjects.

That essential aspect of inner life, so much sought after in a fine carving, is strongly evident when viewing these remarkable carved jades.

Translucent veneers of clear, green jade are set aglow under subtle lighting, imbuing the forms with an ethereal quality of mystery and intrigue. In this instance the ‘Gift of the Gods’, the ‘Stone of Heaven’ are now sculpted jade treasures from Neptune’s realm.

Creative carving of this international stature is rare. The few equal examples found globally are evidence to the extreme scarcity of quality, contemporary jade carvings. Deborah clearly illustrates her mastery by the skill and maturity evident in these unique jade sculptures of beautiful, marine inspiration.

In February 2008 the city of
Tucson, Arizona hosts an annual, international event of gigantic proportions surrounding lapidary activity and is aptly titled the ‘Tucson Gem Show’.

Deborah Wilson has played a significant role within a small group who have been instrumental in gathering select, internationally recognised jade sculptors to jointly exhibit their individual, unique art in jade. This eclectic exhibition is to be displayed in association with the Friends of Jade at Antiques Plus during the ‘Tucson Gem Show’ period.

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