Entry Guardian

Some years back (2000?) when driving on a narrow, back-country road a large rock caught my eye. It was on the road side as a partial barrier along the edge of works department activity. The first glance as we drove past struck me so intensely I had examine it. Some miles past the sighting a suitable turning point was found and I returned to have that closer inspection. Wow! It was even better than anticipated! Much too promising to leave there! With assistance from a sympathetic operator with heavy lifting gear a covert expedition was organized and a stealth party of four set off one evening to spirit the stone away and rescue it from inevitable obscurity. With much difficulty, at the limit of the Hiab hoist, it was eventually tumbled into the back of the truck and bought back to the local cafe where it has resided since. Much to the joy of the present owner at the time, who was largely instrumental in the rescue.

A subsequent owner of the establishment bought a demise in trade through inexperience and the estimated 5 ton granite graced the entry courtyard to the café in it’s raw state.

However, a recent change of ownership stimulated the sculpting of this magnificent stone. Rejoicing, many locals gathered to assist the new proprietor in celebration of re-establishing our local watering hole.
My part being the sculpting of the stone, finally revealing the entity concealed within.
Repositioned, again with some difficulty, the recently sculpted entity is now the ‘Entry Guardian’ greeting all who approach.
The benign energy this creature emanates causes a smile to grace the lips of observers and encourages children to climb and play over it's graceful form.