Kiln Cast Lead Crystal Glass

The art of kiln cast glass is an extremely popular realm which attracts many people from all walks of life. Discerning collectors discover and pursue their favorite artists, building collections of selected works from those whom they admire.

Casting of glass is not a particularly hi tech procedure. However, it is time consuming and labor intensive. Creating the original pattern, or master, to the finished piece is a progression of numerous stages. These multiple steps requiring different skills and understanding, depending on the patterns complexities.

The original 'Voyager' was carved and sculptured in jade. Surface, shape and structure of the smooth river-worn 45lb. pebble was retained as much as possible, allowing the natural 'organic' energy of the stone to embue that enigmatic sense of life within.

A synthetic rubber mold was able to be taken of this entity providing the means by which this fascinating, green chrystal table sculpture came into being.

Of the few companies producing suitable glass for casting purposes, Gaffer Glass, Auckland … NZ, would have to top the list. They produce a versatile and sympathetic lead crystal glass which, from experience, is far superior to many other options.
They developed this lead crystal specifically for casting. Drawing on a a life times accumulated experience of glass blowing and designing.
The unique flow qualities of their glass is very crucial in obtaining fine detail in small sculptural creations.

Life size anatomy 'Dream Fragments' is a wall mounted 3d. sculpture which glows alive when subtly lit from below...

The pieces illustrated here are an indication only of the possibilities.